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Conversion Engine 

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CAD Converter

Today, collaborating and sharing 3D Data within MCAD environments is a major requirement for organizations; expanded CAD data exchange capabilities are an important competitive factor. 3D_Evolution´s native interfaces, the high precision healing technology combined with the fastest conversion process and an unrivalled model quality take your interoperability to a new dimension.

A time-saving and flexible conversion of 3D models is an indispensable prerequisite for the successful integration of all systems involved in your multi-CAD environment. 3D_Evolution© Conversion Engine has been designed for a flexible and easy data exchange with your customers, sub-suppliers and engineering partners in the process chain of design, CAD-Engineering, FEM calculation, CAM and digital factory. The Conversion Engine supports all primary systems and data formats such as CATIA©, NX©, ProEngineer©, Ideas©, SOLIDWORKS©, Robcad©, JT©, STEP, ... and many more.

All native and standard interfaces have been developed by CoreTechnologies, allowing the user to access also native data without a CAD license. The comprehensive architecture of the system allows a smooth conversion even if very large data and extremely complex B-Rep geometries are involved. Automatic Healing functions are correcting errors and inaccuracies to ensure highest model quality. In addition advanced interactive functions allow for an easy and fast repair of double surfaces and twisted faces, gaps and overlapping surfaces, mini elements as well as other typical errors on complex 3D geometries.

3D_Evolution© combines an easy to use graphical user-interface and a powerful scripting language for process integration and automation. The flexibility and scalability offered by 3D_Evolution© means it is immediately ready-to-start in any MCAD Environment.

CATIA® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systemes • NX® is a trademark or registered trademark of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries • Wildfire® or CREO® and CADDS® are registered trademark of Parametric Technology Corporation • SOLIDWORKS® is a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation • JT Open is a member of the community of Siemens PLM • Inventor® is a registered trademark of Autodesk,Inc.

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Conversion Engine

Expanded CAD data exchange applying native interfaces and high precision healing technology. The high speed conversion process and an unrivalled model quality take your interoperability to a new dimension.

Enterprise Batchmanager

The Web-interface enables an extended user access for a company, worldwide use of 3D_Evolution©, introducing also our new revolutionary distributed conversion processor technology (DCP) for accelerated computing.

Feature Based

Collaborate and migrate product knowledge maintaining a fully functional model history and parametric model, available for today´s high-end CAD systems - Designed for flexible and highly integrated PLM process automation.


Share 3D models and still protect your intellectual property. Automatically created by the Simplifier, the resulting, exact bounding solid geometry saves your know how and also represents a light-weight model for digital mock-up.

FEM Tools

Bridging the gap between CAD and CAE with easy to use functions for defeaturing, midfaces, metafaces and advanced repairfunctions for all MCAD environments.

Advanced Compare

The Advanced Compare model comparision indicates and displays all variances between different 3D Geometries reliable and fast.

Quality Checker

Certified in accordance with SASIG/PDQ and VDA 4955/2 specifications, the Quality Checker assures the quality and value of your 3D models, regardless of format or generating CAD system´.


Independently view and analyse any 3D CAD format you receive without using a CAD system. Today, sharing 3D models is easy, using this mature and reliable Viewer based on our high-end readers.