3D_Evolution Whitepapers 

Understanding Validation requirements for Long Term Archiving and Retrieval (LOTAR)

As CAD applications constantly change in a multi CAD environment sharing data is a must. Companies are looking at ISO 10303 STEP for both sharing data as well as maintaining data for Long Term Data Retention (LOTAR). International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards with STEP has not only set the stage for this multi CAD environment but also created a way to share data for this global requirement. Moreover, the requirements are adding the need for Product Data Quality. The culminations of these standards are allowing companies around the globe to deal with interoperability with less challenge.


Automating the Pre-processing of 3D models for CAE

In this global market, Multi-CAD (Computer Aided Design) environments have become a standard. Companies are looking for interoperability that goes beyond the need for 3D CAD translations of Boundary Representations (B-Reps), into areas for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Durability, Thermal and Mechanical System Simulation. The ability to merge faces, de-feature filets, remove small details and holes, mid-face creation, and automatically seal gaps, imprecisions, and free edges in solid models is a must. The optimal solution is automating the pre-process of 3D models quickly to reduce time to market. This webinar will provide you a unique solution to this challenge utilizing 3D_Evolution© by CT Core Technologie.


Migration CATIA V4 to CATIA V5

In close collaboration with the Automotive and Aerospace Industry CoreTechnologies created an automated process to migrate 3D models and metadata from CATIA V4 to the latest CATIA V5 CAD/PLM system.


Interoperability in Aerospace

Successful cooperation is of vital importance for aviation industries and their suppliers in order to cope with high cost pressure. Our whitepaper demonstrates the different solutions for industry through customer case studies.


Automated Geometry Simplification using 3D_Evolution

Challenge: A large general machinery company wanted to develop an automated process to generate simplified 3D CAD models from existing master models and manage the results in the PLM application. The current manual process was time consuming with inconsistent results. It was difficult to keep the master models synced to the simplified models due to the time models were checked out from the PLM application. In addition, the company wanted to protect its Intellectual Property (IP) by removing the internal guts, thus creating the envelopes only.