New 3D Simplification Function for Complex Parts

New 3D Simplification Function for Complex Parts

The new version of the 3D data conversion and data simplification software 3D_Evolution 4.7 has new filter functions for the targeted simplification of complex bodies in large assemblies.

Simplification down to the Last Detail

Complex mechanical parts and assemblies that still have complex details and parts with too many surfaces after the first simplification step of the Simplifier for automatic generation of the envelope geometry are specifically identified with the new filter function and replaced by an approximated geometry. In this way, complex models with many surfaces or a certain number of surfaces are filtered and simplified by simple substitute bodies.

In particular, plastic injection-moulded parts, gear wheels or detailed threads are unnecessarily complex in machine and plant assemblies and cause excessive file sizes. These models are found with the new "Advanced Selection" function and replaced with a simple envelope geometry at the click of a mouse.

Standard parts such as screws that are not identified by a specific designation can be quickly located and deleted using the new filter function or replaced with a cylindrical shell. Typical hexagon head screws and Allen screws, for example, have 20 to 24 surfaces as a detailed CAD model. Complex components can be simplified automatically with the new function, even in batch mode. In practice, the tool can reduce the file size of typical assemblies in mechanical and plant engineering by 75 to 95 per cent. The generation of highly simplified volume models makes it possible to work quickly and to derive drawings of very large 3D/CAD scopes.