Mercedes certifies CAD Converter from CoreTechnologie

Mercedes certifies CAD Converter from CoreTechnologie

Mercedes Benz AG has certified the latest version of 3D_Evolution for data exchange with the JT 10.5 data format.

The current version of the 3D_Evolution 4.5 SP2 conversion software from the German-French software manufacturer CoreTechnologie has been certified by Mercedes Benz AG. The certification refers to the data exchange with the JT 10.5 data format for models generated with the CAD systems Catia V5 and Creo.

Data Conversion and Quality Control

The CAD data converted to JT 10.5 with 3D_Evolution software meet all relevant requirements of Mercedes Benz AG. Through 3D_Evolution the conversion of the native CAD data as well as a complete quality control of the 3D models takes place. Thus, by using the software, suppliers can obtain certification at the push of a button and qualify for data exchange of 3D/CAD data with Mercedes.

Fast Loading Time and Clear Structure

3D_Evolution supports the STT technology required for JT 10.5 certification, allowing the preview of the entire JT model to be loaded quickly and sub-assemblies to be reloaded in the exact XT format. The user gets an instant overview of models of any size to view, reload and convert the desired perimeters in the shortest possible time.

The product structure as well as CAD attributes for monolithic and externally referenced assemblies are supported. In the spirit of 3D Master, where the 3D model is a leading source of information throughout the design process, 3D dimensions and PMI are fully supported by JT 10.5.

Models converted with 3D_Evolution contain 3D dimensions, tolerance information and PMI referenced to associated reference geometry such as holes, allowing the user a perfect overview for very complex models. Also sections and views, so-called Section Views, are available after conversion to the JT 10.5 format.

With the certification of the universal conversion software 3D_Evolution, suppliers and engineering partners can now easily exchange CAD data in JT 10.5 format with Mercedes, as the models are checked and converted exactly according to manufacturer guidelines.

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