3D Printing Software Integrates 3D Manufacturing Format

3D Printing Software Integrates 3D Manufacturing Format

Software pioneer CoreTechnologie has integrated the 3MF 3D manufacturing format into its 4D_Additive printing software.

Bridge between CAD Data and Additive Manufacturing

The 4D_Additive printing software is a modern technological bridge between CAD data and additive manufacturing. The tool reads and writes the modern 3MF data format. The open 3D printing format makes it possible to send 3D models and production data for additive manufacturing independently as well as cross-platform to different software, hardware and service providers.

Based on CoreTechnologie's expertise in interoperability, 4D_Additive also enables the reading and writing of all common 3D data formats and offers automatic functions for 3D nesting as well as high-precision slicing of tessellated and accurate CAD B-Rep models. The software was developed for professional use and is suitable for both experts and beginners thanks to a user-friendly, intuitive and ergonomic graphic interface.

Additive Manufacturing with High Accuracy

CoreTechnologie's software enables direct processing as well as correction and optimisation of CAD models to ensure a seamless as well as automated workflow for all major 3D printing processes. CT CEO Armin Brüning says: "We are excited to be part of the 3MF consortium and to bring the unique capabilities of 4D_Additive, especially in terms of using accurate B-Rep CAD models for the additive manufacturing process. The industry is ready to embrace this technology, which brings both the precision and traceability of the established CAD standard as well as manufacturing information such as 3D dimensions and tolerances."

The potential applications for the new technology are diverse and range from the aerospace and automotive industries to medical technology.