3D CAD Models in PowerPoint

3D CAD Models in PowerPoint

Innovation driver CoreTechnologie has further developed the renowned conversion software 3D_Evolution and made it suitable for Powerpoint.

CAD models of all common formats such as Catia, NX, Creo, STEP and JT into FBX format can now be converted and imported as a 3D object in PowerPoint under Windows 10.

New Possibilities and Refinements

The models can be rotated, zoomed and moved in the presentation like in a common CAD viewer. The 3D FBX objects can be positioned and used as usual alongside all other objects in PowerPoint. Especially for technical documentations, this technology offers new possibilities for designers and project engineers.

In addition, CoreTechnologie has incorporated further refinements into the new software version: Thanks to the Simplifier module, the detailing of large models can be reduced within seconds by generating an envelope geometry at the press of a button. By means of the simplification very large assemblies of complete machines and systems can be displayed in PowerPoint even on a simple office laptop.

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