Surface finishing for additive manufacturing: New textures library according to VDI 3400

Our revised texture module in the latest version of CoreTechnologie's 3D printing software 4D_Additive now includes a specially developed texture library for surface finishing that is based on the VDI 3400 guideline.

3D Printing 4D_Additive Certified for HP Jet Fusion 52xx Printers

The latest version of the universal 3D printing software 4D_Additive is now certified for direct connection with HP Multi Jet Fusion 52 series printers.

New Software Version: Loss-free Conversion of 3D/CAD Data

The CAD converter 3D_Evolution has been updated for the seamless integration of 3D/CAD systems, for loss-free data conversion and downstream applications.

Customised Production with Individual 3D Printed Structures

4D_Additive got an Update with a new lattice structure module. The new functions are used to create individualised structures that enable a customised production of lightweight mechanical components and consumer goods.