Airbus selects CoreTechnologie for Validation of Data Archiving

Airbus has selected CoreTechnologie as the preferred vendor to validate the 3D STEP AP242 data for LOTAR (Long Term Archival and Retrieval).

New version of 3D_Evolution 4.0

CoreTechnologie released the new Version of 3D_Evolution, which will be delivered with a completely new and unique graphics concept based on tools arranged in an App style.

3D_Evolution JT Converter Certified by Daimler

As one of the first fully tested tools, 3D_Evolution conversion software has been officially certified for the JT data exchanges with Daimler AG.

Feature based Conversion

The data conversion specialist for 3D design data, CT Core Technologie has announced the first details for the 2014 version of its software 3D_Evolution known. The new version will be available in March.

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