New Software Version: Loss-free Conversion of 3D/CAD Data

New Software Version: Loss-free Conversion of 3D/CAD Data

The CAD converter 3D_Evolution has been updated for the seamless integration of 3D/CAD systems, for loss-free data conversion and downstream applications.

We have updated the modern CAD converter 3D_Evolution and now also offers native interfaces for reading Solidedge and writing NX and SOLIDWORKS files.

CoreTechnologie presents a further developed CAD converter 3D_Evolution for the seamless integration of 3D/CAD systems and downstream applications. Thanks to optimised memory management, the new software version has an improved processing speed and enables optimised processing of very large models.

The CAD converter offers engineers and designers a powerful solution for the precise and efficient conversion of CAD data into various formats. The new interfaces fulfil the current requirements of the industry. The Software with its latest improvements offers substantial benefits for users who heavily depend on 3D modeling and design, utilizing 3D models as their primary source of information, for the development of complex products.

Universal Compatibility

The new version of 3D_Evolution supports a wide range of CAD formats such as CATIA, NX, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Solidedge, Inventor, Step and JT, facilitating smooth interoperability between different systems and collaboration in development environments with different CAD systems. The geometry kernel created specifically for data conversion enables high accuracy and reliability in the translation of CAD data and ensures that even complicated design details are retained without gaps during the conversion process.

With its intuitive user interface, the CAD converter simplifies complex and time-consuming conversion tasks. This enables the user to navigate easily through the software as well as an optimised, fully automated workflow. In modern product development environments in particular, large volumes of data are exchanged between different 3D software solutions in the shortest possible time in order to integrate the various development partners. Data quality plays a major role here, which 3D_Evolution reliably generates using automatic data healing functions.