3D Printing 4D_Additive Certified for HP Jet Fusion 52xx Printers

3D Printing 4D_Additive Certified for HP Jet Fusion 52xx Printers

The latest version of the universal 3D printing software 4D_Additive is now certified for direct connection with HP Multi Jet Fusion 52 series printers.

Following extensive testing and approval by Hewlett Packard, build jobs can now be sent directly from the user interface of the 4D_Additive 3D printing software to all HP Multi Jet Fusion printers of the latest 52xx build series using the integrated HP plug-in.

Users benefit from the automated 3D printing process thanks to powerful 3D nesting functions and extensive interfaces for importing CAD models in all common formats, automatic build space placement and seamless transfer to the print server. The HP machines designed for production are reliably filled using the 4D_Additive software in a highly automated process with collision control.

Experienced users and newcomers alike can operate the software easily and intuitively. A module for creating grid structures - for lightweight components, for example - and a practical additional function for creating textures on component surfaces of CAD models can also be used in the 4D_Additive software. Analysis functions for determining critical wall thicknesses and optimizing component alignment as well as powerful repair functions provide users with an optimal 3D printing workflow with a single software package, thus ensuring measurable time and cost savings.

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