Surface finishing for additive manufacturing: New textures library according to VDI 3400

Surface finishing for additive manufacturing: New textures library according to VDI 3400

Our revised texture module in the latest version of CoreTechnologie's 3D printing software 4D_Additive now includes a specially developed texture library for surface finishing that is based on the VDI 3400 guideline.

Improved surface quality through textures

With the new Textures module from 4D_Additive, designers and engineers can create surface textures that not only improve the appearance but also conceal irregularities that occur during the printing process. Similar to injection molding, the textures hide potential defects and ensure a more uniform and higher quality surface of the printed components.

VDI 3400 standard as a benchmark

The surface finishes of the VDI 3400 Surface Finish Guideline of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) are recognized worldwide and are used for products where both aesthetic and functional requirements are placed on the texture. By integrating this standard into the 4D_Additive software, users can now select specific textures according to VDI 3400 and apply them to their CAD models.

Simple application and fast results

The 4D_Additive software works directly with the exact CAD models, allowing the desired surfaces and texture areas to be easily selected and provided with predefined surface structures. This process, which was previously often time-consuming in toolmaking, now takes just a few seconds and can be carried out on any 3D CAD geometry.

Increasing the attractiveness of additively manufactured products Surface finishing is becoming increasingly important, especially in the additive manufacturing of small series parts. Products with high-quality textures and graining are commercially more attractive and convey a higher quality standard. By using the new textures library in 4D_Additive, companies can optimize their 3D printing processes and offer their customers aesthetically pleasing, high-quality products.

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