Analysis of Complex Plastic Parts

Analysis of Complex Plastic Parts

3D_Analyzer Viewer has been designed to analyze wall thicknesses, undercuts and demoulding angles as well as to calculate projected areas of components and assembly groups of complex plastic parts.

In comparison with conventional CAD systems, this application is very cost-effective and it can be operated in such an easy way that also users without any CAD know-how can work with this extensive tool. In the Viewer, calculations take place quickly and precisely. During the process, the wall thickness check also detects areas with heavy changes in wall thickness. Due to the fully automatic calculation of the projected area, the clamp force and thus the machine design can be determined with just a few mouse clicks without any CAD knowledge.

The 3D_Analyzer Viewer generates colour gradients to indicate wall thicknesses and demoulding angles. Moreover, the Viewer has dynamic cutting as well as measuring functions. The absolute novelty are analysis reports in PDF format with text information, 3D models and 2D views.

Analysis functions are supplemented by geometric model comparison, to indicate differences between models of also different formats. Additionally, for DMU examinations, there is a function to determine collisions in assemblies as well as to calculate clearances between all single parts or components and all surrounding parts. Furthermore, the latest version enables the creation of, explosion views that can also be animated as well as drawing creation as DWG files.

The Viewer can read all common CAD formats such as CATIA V4/V5/V6, NX, Creo, Solidworks, Inventor, STEP, JT and many other ones. From within the Viewer, models can be saved in JT, CT as well as a PDF file. Floating licenses with a borrowing function enable a simple, flexible use of the software within and outside of companies.

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