• 3D_Evolution

    Streamline your CAx Process

CAD Converter

Independent CAD data conversion for 24 major formats without the need of a CAD license. The speed, accuracy, and CAD data healing capabilities of 3D_Evolution© guarantee VDA and SASIG certified model quality and take your MCAD interoperability to a new level.

JT Converter

Receive and send Daimler JT data with PLMXML and STEP AP242 Structure. Our JT Supplier Module guarantees an easy certification and data exchange process. 3D_Evolution is certified by Daimler  and supports all JT Daimler criteria. Very large assemblies can be handled  with an impressive performance and automatic healing assures optimal model quality.

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Feature Based Conversion

Feature based enables CAD data conversion including the fully functional history and parametric model. Our unique technology is available for CATIA, NX, CREO, SolidWorks and Inventor and converts 100% workable CAD models. 

Geometry Simplification

Share 3D models and still protect your intellectual property. Automatically created by the Simplifier, the resulting, exact bounding solid geometry saves your know-how and also represents a light-weight model for digital mock-up. 

FEM Tools

Bridging the gap between CAD and CAE. 3D_Evolution FEM Tools provides Defeaturing, Midsurfaces, and model Cleanup functions to optimize CAD models for CAE simulations. 

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Advanced Analysis

Advanced Analysis offers a wide range of easy to use and powerful 3D inspection computations such as comparision of geometry, PMI and assembly-structure, collision and clearance detection as well as Wall thickness, Draft and Undercut Analysis.

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Quality Checker

3D_Evolution is the first combined validation, conversion and healing tool that is certified by VDA and SASIG. CAD data can be checked regarding B-REP quality, tesselation and  e.g., JT specific criteria. The LOTAR GVP checker has been designed in collaboration with Airbus to validate STEP data for long-term data archiving.

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Enterprise Data Manager

With multicore and cluster computation, EDM enables superfast conversion for large amounts of data and through a flexible JAVA script process automation. With the integrated viewer and SQL database, EDM can be connected to any PDM system as an extension or used as a standalone system to enable a webservice for CAD data translation and more.

DMU Inspector

The DMU inspector finds collisions, checks clearances and compares even very large data extremely quickly. The clear graphic representation with pictures and integrated "drag-and-drop" viewing are now making DMU Analysis an easy task. Multicore and cluster computation enables a super-fast and scalable process.

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