• Geometry Simplification

    Geometry Simplification Bounding geometry solids within seconds

Envelopes for know-how protection

Within seconds the 3D_Evolution© Simplifier creates envelopes of parts and assemblies providing your partners only with the information they really need. Simplifier works on any CAD format such as CATIA NX, JT, STEP, Creo, SOLIDWORKS and many others.

At the push of a button, the tool removes the interior geometry of a model also providing perfect lightweight solids easy to handle in subsequent CAX systems and processes.



Geometry Simplification

Everybody dealing with import data knows the problem of large, overly detailed and bad CAD data. 3D_Evolution Simplifier is the answer to this problem.

With mature interfaces, the software reads and handles even large data sets of all current CAD formats with impressive speed and reliability.

Integrated clean-up and healing tools improve the data quality, and Simplifier reduces the number of elements. This makes the difference – get your job done faster and better with simplified geometry. 



Faces and bodies reduced

Simplified models consist of much less elements. Every envelope of a part is a solid ‘filled’ with material, and all internal bodies are removed automatically. The Simplifier works great, e.g., on all casting models and mechanical components. Major companies manufacturing cars, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, and satellites as well as machinery makers from robotic to oil and gas platforms are using our unique technology.

Click on the YouTube button on the right to see a demo on a real gearbox assembly.



Interactive and Batch

Certain details, e.g., holes, can be selected in order to be excluded for automatic simplification. This also applies in batch mode by the use of specific face colors. The batch process can also be customized using software scripting language. Many functions such as the deletion of an object by name or volume support the automation.

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