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    CAD Interface Libraries Make all current formats available in your Software

CAD Translator SDK

Embedding our API makes 24 CAD formats available in your application - cost efficient and within the shortest space of time. Deploying 3D_Kernel_IO software developers benefit from the entire expertise and experience of the leading CAD interoperability experts.

3D_Kernel_IO's precise, reliable and fast Interfaces handle assembly structures, attributes like names, and layers as well as all entities like points, curves , B-REP Solids, Skins and also tessellated models. Furthermore, Features and the history-tree, PMI, attributes and metadata are directly accessible.

• ProEngineer • IDEAS • XT • ACIS • JT • STEP • IGES

3D_Kernel_IO also provides our unique Advanced Healing Technology to assure perfect model quality. During the conversion process, the 3D Models can be adapted to the tolerance and the mathematics of the target system to provide exceptional quality. If activated, the Healing Functions will automatically correct failures, such as gaps, overlaps, twisted and mini-faces.

In addition the API offers many interesting functionalities that have been developed to satisfy all the specific needs of our customers developing leading CAD, CAM, FEA, Virtual Reality and Metrology Softwareproducts.

Easy integration

3D_Kernel_IO API is based on C++ programming language. The interrogation functions are standardized for all formats. This means one integration for all formats and functions! Therefore, 3D_Kernel_IO can be deployed very easily and will be available in your application within the shortest time. 

CT CoreTechnologies also offers customized solutions for 3D_Kernel_IO in order to meet your very special requirements. Based on your specifications and our outstanding experience, we develop interfaces, geometric functions and other additional capabilities to exeed the expectations of you and your customers.

3D_Kernel_IO is also the basis of our 3D_Evolution endcustomer products todays leading interoperability Suite which is employed by thousands of users every day. Get your added value and your competitive advantage today - save time and money by avoiding a proprietary development. With 3D_Kernel_IO you benefit from the entire expertise and experience of the CAD interoperability experts.

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