CAD Engineering Standard for Additive Manufacturing

In order to cope with the fast development of additive manufacturing and a higher accuracy needed for the production of small series we introduced our new, powerful software suite 4D_Additive.

Performance CAO optimisée pour la CAO mécanique

La solution logicielle innovatrice „3D Evolution Simplifier“ simplifie le maniement de modèles CAO de grande taille

Webinar: HP and AI - 3D Printing for short runs

As Spin-off from CoreTechnologie and offical resller from HP we founded Additive Innovation (AI). AI has the latest and most advanced 3D printing products, technologies and materials. Therefore we are organizing a webinar on July 10, 2018.

3D CAD Models in PowerPoint

Innovation driver CoreTechnologie has further developed the renowned conversion software 3D_Evolution and made it suitable for Powerpoint.

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