Mercedes certifies CAD Converter from CoreTechnologie

Mercedes Benz AG has certified the latest version of 3D_Evolution for data exchange with the JT 10.5 data format.

Repair of stl and scan data at the push of a button

The new function of 4D_Additive called "Marching Cube" repairs and simplifies 3D scan data and STL files into closed volumes, within shortes space of time.

3Dモデル、CADデータ、バーチャルリアリティの各種システム間で 大容量データの変換が可能に。

では、JT フォーマットの“10.5”もサポートするようになり、一般的な大容量3D CADデータから最新のJTフォーマットへの変換も可能にします。

3D printing reimagined: Lightweight structures iteratively created and optimized

The 3D printing software 4D_Additive added a Nastran interface that allows rapid creation of diverse lattice structures and validation with simulation tools.

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