• 3D_Analyzer

    Visualise. Analyse. Share.

Professional CAD Viewer

3D CAD Viewer to review and analyse models from all major native and standard CAD formats with Assemblies-Structure, B-Rep, Tesselation, Features and Parameter as well as Metadata, PMI and Annotations.  Precise measuring, cut and annotation functions based on B-REP Models.  Fast Creation of exploded views with automatic and manual functions.

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Advanced Analysis

3D_Analyzer is the perfect tool for project management tasks. It is not only a Viewer for all major CAD formats, it also provides a wide range of easy to use and powerful 3D inspection computations such as Comparision of geometry, PMI and assembly-structure, Collision and Clearance Detection as well as Wallthickness, Draft and Undercut Analysis.

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3D PDF Converter

Share your files - you can easily export the CAD files to the 3D-PDF format. Additionally you can also save the analysis results to 3D-PDF and exchange it with your colleagues, suppliers or customers.

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