Advanced 3D CAD Viewer: your innovative 3D Viewer and Analyzer

CoreTechnologie is not only the leading supplier of CAD conversion software for the CAD translation but also provides the reference product among CAD viewers. The 3D Analyzer basic version already reads all available 24 interfaces like CATIA, NX, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, IDEAS, STEP, XT format, 3D PDF and many more. In the Professional version you also have access to analysis functions such as model comparison, collision and clearance detection, draft- and undercut analysis and wall thickness checker included. The creation and animation of an exploded view and a conversion to JT and 3D PDF round off the range of functions into a unique product. Benefit from our experience with the handling of CAD data in a cost-effective CAD Viewer for all major CAD formats. The 3D Analyzer CAD Viewer is licensed with floating licenses. With the upcoming version the 3D Analyzer supports so called "Borrowing" licenses with which individual licenses can be borrowed for the usage outside the company for a defined period. Let yourself get inspired by the extensive range of 3D Analyzer functions and discover a modern and intuitive graphical user interface.

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3D CAD Viewer with extremely powerful graphics and data display

Our CAD Viewer will immediately convince you because it provides powerful graphics and interfaces for all current formats providing additional information about the history and features, Metadata as well as views and 3D master. With 64-bit power even large assemblies are processed and handled with extreme speed. With the certified VDA Checker the quality of the 3D modelcan be checked. The 3D geometries are checked independently of the system and format and errors are displayed in the graphic window. 3D Analyzer is the only CAD Viewer that is certified as data quality checker according to VDA and SASIG standards. The 3D Viewer has a number of advanced and innovative features like the extensive measuring and Redlining functions as well as the display of the history, features, parameters, PMIs, annotation and metadata from native CAD data. Discover our APP Style GUI with dynamic section cuts, custom views and many other useful features. All details read from the CAD system like dimensions, comments and PMI can be saved in our native CT format as well as in JT and 3D PDF formats. Additionally the CAD Viewer also supports views and 3D master.

Compare 3D models using the CAD Viewers analysis functions

3D Analyzer offers a variety of analysis functions such as wall thickness analysis, collision detection , draft- and undercut analysis, clearance check and model comparison. With outstanding functionalities users can compare geometries, assembly structures, PMI, feature and attributes and store the results in our native CT format or as a 3D PDF. The CAD Viewer is an innovative and worthy choice for analysis of your 3D models. In addition, we also offer products for geometry simplification or a Daimler JT converter. CoreTechnologie is also developing customized solutions for the process chain based on our out of the box products. With our unique product line and our expertise as a highly specialized software manufacturer, we develop flexible solutions to streamline your CAD environment.