• Geometry Simplification

    Geometry Simplification Bounding geometry solids within seconds

Envelope geometry at the push of a button

3D_Evolution Simplifier puts an end to time-consuming simplification of large and overly detailed CAD models. The tool guarantees automatic and unrivalled fast data reduction as well as ultimate protection of your know-how.

By removing the internal geometry, the Simplifier creates highly reduced 3D models in seconds, ensuring maximum processing speed in all CAD, Virtual Reality and DMU applications.

With 36 different interfaces such as CATIA, NX, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, INVENTOR, STEP JT, IFC, FBX, OBJ and many more, the Simplifier is ready to go in any environment.

Optimal models for Digital Mock-Up and Virtual Factory

Say goodbye to excessively detailed 3D models that slow down your workflows in digital factory planning, simulation and digital mock-up. Within seconds, the Simplifier deletes small parts, finds identical parts and creates reduced assemblies with significantly fewer elements - at the push of a button.

In addition, CAD like assembly structures of machines and plant layouts can be transformed into functional structures for simulation with just a few clicks. Use the intelligence of your CAD models for automation.

Clever selection functions for volume, PMI, attributes, names, layers or RGB colours allow automated workflows to be accelerated and flexibly designed.

Automatic selection

Save yourself endless clicks. The Shrinkwrap function automatically filters only those components that are visible from the outside. Interior bodies that are non-visible can be deleted within seconds. Conversely, with the balloon function, only the parts of an interior assembly that are visible from the inside can be filtered automatically. This is how professional data preparation works today.

Factory layouts in seconds

The Bounding Shape function automatically replaces the original, detailed parts with approximated substitute bodies, making 2D drawing derivations possible, even for extremely large factory layouts. For each component, the tool generates approximated substitute solids such as cuboids, cylinders, T-sections or polyhedrons. Due to the highly simplified geometry, you will never lose the overview, even for very large and complex factory layouts.

Mesh reduction for Realtime with VR Goggles

Using the mesh reduction function, triangulated models for VR applications and factory simulations are reduced by up to 98%.

The two-step simplification process for the generation of envelope geometry and subsequent polygon reduction enables fast image build-up and smooth handling of large factory layouts in virtual reality systems.

Perfect data quality

Good 3D data quality is vitally important for the entire workflow. With automatic repair functions and data reduction, you receive quality flawless solid models and simplified data that guarantees further processing of your 3D data without any problems.

The ultimate Know-How Protection

Simplifier technology deletes all internal details from CAD models, thus sensitive design data is ultimately protected and can never be recovered.

The Advanced Selection function allows you to exclude certain details and components from the simplification process. This means that after simplification, your data will only contain exactly those details that you really want to share.

Automated IT workflows

The Enterprise Datamanager web-browser interface and the directory scanner make the Simplifier technology available throughout your company in just a few minutes.

The 3D_Evolution scripting language enables individualized batch workflows and ensures flexible integration into your PLM environment.

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