• Enterprise Data Manager

    Enterprise Data Manager Web Interface and multicore computing

Enterprise Data Manager allows to handle and convert huge assemblies

Enterprise Data Manager

The web interface enables extended global user access and worldwide use of 3D_Evolution©, introducing revolutionary distributed conversion technology for high-speed conversions of extensive data.

Enterprise Batch Manager allows all users in a company network to access the 3D_Evolution batch mode.Just a standard Windows, Linux or Unix Web browser is needed to log in and define conversion tasks then managed by the central conversion server.

To accelerate the conversion, multiple network computers or a multiprocessor machine can be used. Since no idle time occurs between jobs, maximum performance coupled with optimal use of resources is guaranteed. Using this technology combined with the conversion engine’s performance, huge migrations can be performed in no time.

Enterprise Batch Manager is designed as an open process connector; thus customer requirements and specific functionalities can be easily added in order to automate any manual workflow for a truly integrated process.

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