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    JT Converter Daimler certified JT Conversion

Daimler certified JT Conversion

JT Data Exchange


Getting certified by Daimler for JT data exchange is easy using 3D_Evolution©. The software is certified by Daimler for supplier data conversion and guarantees perfect JT interoperability with all current CAD systems. 

• JT PLMXML conversion for all formats and very large data

• Reading and writing of JT files with XT B-REP

• Reading and writing of JT files with Level of Details (LOD)

• Healing technology  

• Recognition of planes, cylinder, cones for NX direct modelling

• JT monolithic and external structure files

• Reading and writing of PLMXML structure files

• Reading and writing of STEP AP 242 structure files

• STEP AP 242 kinematics interoperability

• Reading and writing of semantic PMI

• Reading and writing of attributes

• Creation and check of moniker identifier for faces

• JT Checker to verify Daimler criteria  

• GVP validation of JT files



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