• Feature Based

    Feature Based Conversion Automated CAD Data Migration

Convert fully functional CAD models

3D_Evolution© Feature Based technology converts data without losing the intelligence of the CAD model. It supports major formats such as CATIA V5, NX, Creo, SOLIDWORKS and Inventor.

• Conversion of the feature history tree and parameters

• Parts and assemblies conversion

• Feature sketches with constraints and annotations

• Conversion of 3D PMI and metadata

Native readers extract the entire history, features, and parameter information as well as the B-REP directly from the binary file, without access to a license or the API of the generating CAD system.

For a loss-free translation, 3D_Evolution also performs an adaptive optimization of the model’s history taking full account of the feature types and the data structure of the target CAD system.

The automatic remastering of the feature history and parameter values will be proceeded by 3D_Evolution Feature Based plug-ins in the related target CAD systems.

Reliable validation

To validate the conversion result, the shapes of the original model are compared with the converted models by means of the integrated Compare function. If a difference is detected, the log file lists the maximum deviation, and the software creates a lightweight visualization model in CT or 3D PDF format highlighting the variances.

Sketch constraints

After conversion with 3D_Evolution Feature Based, the sketches of features like extrusions, pads and lofts comprise the exact same constraints and annotations that have been created by the designer in the original CAD system. This makes it easy to follow up with the original design intent and preserve specific knowledge.

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