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    3D Master for digital factories Model based definition replaces 2D

The 3D master technology for a paperless production based on 3D CAD models is supported also by new standard formats like STEP AP 242 and JT. The software 3D_Evolution has fully integrated the advanced 3D master technology

Native CAD models including dimensions and tolerances can be converted and also displayed with all specific functions of the Model Based Definition technology. The use of 3D-Master is reducing the need for 2D drawings to an absolute minimum, because in the 3D Model all production-relevant information is saved in so called views or captures.

Simplification of the Digital Manufacturing Process

The 3D_Evolution software converts data from all CAD systems, including 3D master relevant formats such as Catia V5, NX, Creo as well as STEP AP 242 and JT. The viewer software 3D_Analyzer reads all current CAD data and also supports all 3D master specific functions.

To display all the information contained in the 2D drawing on a 3D model requires a special technology that combines tolerances, annotations, and dimensions in the views. By selecting a view, the model is aligned as previously defined by the designer and zoomed into a particular area. So only the dimensions chosen by the designer are shown.

In addition, sections can be saved in the views. As a result 3D master models eliminate the need for 2D drawings to produce the part. Also 3D Master models are easier to use and allow for a better comprehension compared to specific views created and printed out as 2D drawings. In addition usnig 3D Master there is only one data source needed to produce the parts which virtually eliminates errors and confusion often caused by different revisions of ambiguous 2D drawings.

Complete and Flexible Use

The 3D_Evolution MCAD converter suite transfers the graphical representation of the dimensions as well as the semantic i.e. textual data of the Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) as well as the reference to the surfaces to the 3D model. A special analysis function available in the converter and the viewer allows the comparison of the PMI, so that even large models with hundreds of 3D dimensions are automatically compared within seconds and differences are clearly visible and documented.

This comprehensive software solution meet all the requirements for a consistent 3D master process. The cost-effective 3D_Analyzer viewer can be installed on a Windows tablet for use in the workshop and can be used flexibly in company networks or on the go thanks to floating and license borrowing functions.

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