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    FBX Converter Conversion and simplification of CAD data to FBX

CAD data in virtual realities

With the help of the FBX converter, CAD data can now be transferred directly into virtual realities. Especially for rendering and animation software, such as 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D and Maya, FBX is a widely used format that is also increasingly used for visualizing and animating product data. 3D_Evolution processes common CAD formats such as CATIA V5 / V6, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, STEP and JT and produces optimally optimized rendering data for FBX data, which allow a high-quality representation of the products.

Not only the geometries but also meta information, animations and kinematics are read out and transferred from the CAD data. Thus, the product data can be quickly and easily transferred to 3D engines such as Unity or the Unreal Engine.

Reduction of the elements by geometry simplification

In addition, the 3D_Evolution Simplifier generates a data-reduced envelope geometry of the detailed 3D models on request. Thus, by removing the inner workings and simplifying the CAD data, an improvement of the processing speed in the rendering and the animation is achieved.

In contrast to Polygon Crunchers not only the polygons are processed, but the original CAD data is simplified and reduced. This results in an optimal surface and also allows the display of large amounts of data, such as complete vehicles or factories.

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