Create  exact envelope geometry and protect 3D models using geometry simplification

More than 400 leading companies use the innovative software solutions from CoreTechnologie. Our customers benefit from an optimal interoperability between different CAD systems and an efficient and loss free data exchange of 3D models between all major CAD systems. Our product line, 3D_Evolution, not only includes modules for CAD translation but also for geometry simplification. With our simplifier you can easily create envelope geometry and protect your 3D models by removing internal geometry effectively.

Reliable IP protection at your fingertips

Within secondsyou can protect your intellectual property  for all systems and formats by simplifying and removing the internal geometry of the 3D model  and also create high quality and lightweight CAD data. At a push of a button the simplifier will create an exact envelope geometry of your models that is a filled solid and also has a significantly smaller file sizes. The simplified model is a perfect B-Rep  solid of the outer shell, but the interior has been removed through  the automatic  geometry simplification. Geometry Simplification  is an  indispensable advantage when sharing 3D data because your intellectual property is definitely protected against product piracy. When sending data to suppliers, customers or partners the envelope geometry generation is an easy and ultimate way to protect valuable know-how. Furthermore the lightweight 3D models can be used in the DMU process or for further processing in the CAD system, for example, drawing derivations of huge assemblies.

Product Information

Create envelope geometry and make valuable interior invisible using geometry simplification

With our unique simplifier technology interior  geometry of 3D models that often contains very specific knowhow will be removed within seconds creating a perfect envelope geometry. The tool is absolutely user-friendly and offers  many possibilities. Certain features like fixing holes can be excluded from the simplification  just by selection or volumes smaller than a defined value can be deleted   automatically.  All of these options have been developed in close cooperation with our customers in order to offer an entire solution for  the task of geometry simplification.

For protection of your valuable development work and for fast generation of "light" models simplifier is the perfect solution. The resulting bodies are exact solids which can be converted to all major  target systems and formats. The calculation of the envelope geometries also allows a significant reduction in the amount of elements and data size and guarantees a dramatic increase of the  graphics performance  e.g. for digital mockup visualization or drawing creation of very big layouts.

Interactive or automatic batch mode: generate Simplified envelope geometry

The envelope geometry generation can be performed in  interactive or in batch mode. Furthermore it is easy to integrate 3D_Evolution CAD Conversion as well as the  geometry simplification process to your existing PDM -Systems. The simplifier thus enables the automatic simplification of large data volumes, complex assembly structures and geometries quickly and without any manual effort. The perfect solids can be converted and exchanged with all major CAD formats. Moreover 3D_Evolution is also a certified Daimler JT converter. Saved Files can also be visualized with our cost-effective and powerful CAD Viewer called 3D_Analyzer.