Innovative Solutions for an uncomplicated CAD translation

Today's companies design complex  products using  various CAD systems and create virtual 3D models used for the entire Lifecycle process. Since most used programs use proprietary  formats, there are often problems in CAD Translation and CAD Data exchange. 3D_Evolution enables a lossfree CAD translation between different CAD systems such as CATIA, NX, Creo, Ideas, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, and many other is possible without any problems.

The innovative 3D Evolution Software Suite of CT CoreTechnologie allows you to perform a fast and  efficient conversion of CAD data for all major formats. This 3D Converter can be used as JT converter for large amounts of data and for numerous other formats and thus enables an uncomplicated CAD data exchange. The modular concept of 3D_Evolution Conversion Engine  furthermore allows the analysis and geometry simplification of CAD data. Using the Simplifier an envelope geometries can be generated within seconds so that during the CAD data exchange valuable knowledge contained in the CAD models will not leave your company.

Product Information

Our Products support trouble-free CAD translation

Using our 3D_Kernel_IO Software Developer Kit of CAx also software companies can immediately offer CAD  interfaces to read  all available native- and standard formats . With our development environment software manufacturers get independent, economical and fast access to 24 different CAD formats, thus creating the basis for flexible and powerful CAD reader capabilities in their software products. With our SDKyou can access information such as assembly structures,  tesselation,  B-Rep, history , features and parameters as well as metadata and PMI. The SDK libraries of CoreTechnologie are the perfect solution for an easy CAD translation.

The especially for the CAD translation of 3D data developed geometry kernel has outstanding features e.g.  an automatic healing for unsurpassed quality of the data. We offer the 3D_Kernel_IO tailor-made to your needs, which will make your products significantly more efficient and will clearly distinguished you from your competitors.

Learn more about CAD translations in our trainings

We are not only offering solutions for uncomplicated CAD translations, but also to analyze and visualize all current CAD models. With our Advanced CAD Viewer 3D_Analyzer, the reference product among CAD viewers, you benefit from outstanding measurement and redlining functions, numerous CAD interfaces and extensive 3D analysis functions usually available only in much more expensive DMU and CAD systems.

In addition, we also offer customized software development and trainings to ensure a smooth CAD data translation and to teach you the perfect handling of our products quickly and efficiently. In these trainings you will learn everything you need to  know e.g. about the CAD conversion, the JT conversion or the geometry simplification.

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