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    DMU Inspector Digital Mock-Up solution for very large assemblies

DMU - Collision Detection for assemblies

The tool enables a very fast display of large amounts of data, simple operation and a clear presentation of the analysis results. Collisions between components or subassemblies are displayed in a web browser list and details of the collision can be viewed in the 3D viewer. Clever filter and project management functions support successful cross-team collaboration.

Quality assurance is essential at every stage of product development. Therefore, collision tests of 3D models in the digital mock-up (DMU) process are an important method. In the virtual development phase of complex products such as vehicles, aircrafts or trains, the analysis modules are increasingly used in so-called design review meetings.

Using Collision Detection, unwanted penetrations between product parts or subassemblies in the model can be identified. The clever technology uses the voxel representation for a neighborhood search, looking for potential collision partners. This provides an accurate representation of the collision area and accelerates the entire process.

Collisions between models and/or subassemblies are listed with filenames and pictures. Simply ‘drag-and-drop’ the models into the integrated 3D viewer and all collisions can be viewed and rated.

The DMU Manager has its own scripting language, and can be controlled by command calls and therefore easily connected to the PLM system.

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