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Advanced CAD translations

3D_Evolution© performs a fast and accurate CAD data conversion without the need of a CAD license and guarantees an unrivalled model quality.

 3D_Evolution has interfaces for all major CAD formats such as:


JT • STEP • 3D PDF  • XT • ACIS  • DWG  • DGN

and many others (View PDF Datasheet).

Supporting all current mathematical descriptions the 3D_Evolution geometry kernel performs an adaptive conversion creating models, that the target system ‘understands’ perfectly, and also bridges tolerance differences between the CAD systems.

In addition the optional Featurebased module translates fully workable models including history, features and parameters.

3D_Evolution© combines an easy-to-use graphical user interface with a powerful scripting language for process integration and automation.

Our partnership with all major CAD vendors assures that latest technology is always available within short time.

PMI and Metadata

3D_Evolution enables the conversion of the entire semantic PMI, FTA, annotations as well as metadata and attributes attached to a 3D model.

The data is retrieved from the native files and can also made available in a text file, independent of the 3D geometry.



Healing and CAD data repair tools

Modelling errors from the design process or imprecisions resulting from different system tolerances are no longer an obstacle for successful data conversion. The proven 3D_Evolution healing functions automatically resolve gaps, overlapping elements and twisted faces. The healing assures closed solids and perfect data quality for a given tolerance that is controlled and logged at any stage of the process.

In the interactive mode filter functions indicate persistent modelling errors that can be resolved efficiently with the systems easy-to-use repair and clean-up functions.


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