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    FEM Tools Bridging the gap between CAD and CAE

Streamlining CAD to CAE

3D_Evolution© FEM Tool is bridges the gap between CAD and CAE in every simulation environment with easy-to-use cleanup, midfaces and defeaturing functions.

Our smart technology helps engineers to quickly optimize CAD models for simulation. 3D_Evolution reads and writes many formats such as CATIA, NX, JT, STEP, Creo, SOLIDWORKS as well as STL and Nastran and many others without the need of a CAD system.

Model clean-up and defeaturing

Fast and automated defeaturing functions remove rounds, chamfers, holes, letters, and internal geometry within seconds. Robust direct modeling functions and an integrated CAD module allow the manipulation and generation of geometry without going back to a CAD system.

In addition, mature clean-up functions resolve quality problems such as gaps and overlapping elements on CAD models in a fast, easy-to-use, and highly automated way.



Removing tiny faces

The automatic metaface function merges tiny faces and the basis surfaces at the push of a button. The elimination of problematic minielements reduces the total number of faces by approximately 40-70%. For a maximal automation the process can be controlled by several parameters to limit the complexity of the resulting surfaces.

 Click on the button to watch a video showing the defeaturing and metaface functions in action.

Midfaces fast and easy

This tool set creates midfaces from solid bodies. It automatically trims and connects resulting midfaces to achieve a sheet body. The fully or semi-automated process efficiently reduces the time and effort to create midface models.

The wall thickness of the original solid can be calculated, attached to the midface model and saved in the specific Nastran format.


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