CAD Translation SDK (3D_Kernel_IO)

The leading CAD interoperability SDK

3D_Kernel_IO is the leading API in the field of CAD data exchange and gives access to all major 3D CAD formats. With our CAD exchange software development kit (SDK), software developers get access to over 24 of the most common CAD file formats through a single interface. In addition 3D_Kernel_IO is an API with native readers based on C++ programming language. Our SDK supports Windows, Linux and MAC. Furthermore the 3D_Kernel_IO only needs very short conversion times for CAD data translation.

Easy CAD Data Access always up to date

Our CAD Translation SDK can gives access to several CAD formats like CATIA, NX(UG), SOLIDWORKS, Creo, ProEngineer, Inventor, IDEAS, XT, ACIS, JT, STEP, IGES, PLMXML, VRML, STL, NASTRAN and many more. The CAD access of 3D_Kernel_IO happens rapidly and by means of unified interrogation functions for all formats. Furthermore a big advantage is that all CAD formats are available in only one single toolkit. Based on over 20 years of experience and thousands of users our CAD translation SDK always get updated if there is new a format version of any CAD system. You will always have reliable access to the latest versions of CAD data interfaces for CAD data exchange. Our team of CAD translation experts makes sure that you will have no problems with the conversion of the latest CAD format versions and we always keep our product up to date.

Most qualitative CAD Translation SDK with a unique healing tool

During the conversion process, 3D models are adapted to the tolerance and mathematics of the target system to ensure exceptional quality. This is extremely important because even the smallest inaccuracies can later lead to large and costly problems. The CAD translation SDK 3D_Kernel_IO has a high mathematical accuracy to prevent these problems automatically during the exchange. Additionally the automatic healing functions of our CAD translation SDK will automatically correct failures such as gaps, overlaps, twisted, surfaces and mini-faces. Even a set of single surfaces can be sewn together automatically into watertight solids with user-defined accuracy.

CAD Data Exchange SDK work with PMI and feature Information

3D_Kernel_IO native interfaces also reads PMI information like dimensions, tolerances, annotations, captures, datum’s and text. A unique functionality of 3D_Kernel_IO is that it also provides unlimited access to the complete history tree aswell as features and parameters of major CAD Software such as CATIA, NX, Creo and SOLIDWORKS. All links to the geometry are provided. This is mandatory to use PMI in Metrology and CAM applications. Generalized interrogation functions allow easy access to PMI data of any CAD format providing important information for a seamless PLM process.

Licensing of a CAD Data exchange SDK has never been this easy

3D_Kernel_IO allows software editors to satisfy all their interoperability needs, dealing with only one vendor, one API and one predictable and affordable annual licensing fee or per license cost. The licensing system can be adopted as an open library with code protection, or optional locked API based on Code Meter License manager.

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